Stop the Ala Wai Canal Project

Project Plan Inaccuracies

Please consider how the Ala Wai Canal Project will negatively impact Hawaii. We have highlighted a few concerns below. We believe these are large costs to pay for a faulty plan.

  1. Faulty data readings

  2. Dramatized, exaggerated modeling

  3. Costly

  4. Skirted the law

1. Destroying natural stream and land.

Thousands of feet of natural stream will be destroyed to clear land to build the basins. Land will be dug up and excavated. Neighborhoods will suffer the effects of noisy, mass construction. How long will construction last? Possibly years. There must be a better way in which we can leave the land alone. 

2. Taking away homes and property from residents​

18 residents received a notice in the mail about the government seizing their land. Were they taked to ? Did they have the opportunity to speak up? We spoke to many of these families and they did not know about the project. What would you do if this were your home?

3. Monthly Storm Water tax and maintenance paid for by YOU

Taxes, fees, and more taxes. After this project is complete, we will be taxed a stormwater fee to maintain the structures. According to the faulty and dramatized data, these structures will be basically unused. We will continue to through our money down the drain.

4. Concrete structures reducing visual appeal

  • Imagine the view for residents, joggers and tourist along the Ala Wai Canal. Their view of the water and paddlers will be obstructed by a 4ft. concrete wall.

  • The average eye height of a vehicle is 3ft. Drivers passing by will no longer be able to see the water.

  • Imagine the new man-made basins in residential neighborhoods