Stop the Ala Wai Canal Project

why should i care?

-building these structures will do IRREVERSIBLE damage to our streams and land

-detention basins, 4ft. high wall, means 11 more giant structures the city will need to maintain. Do you think our city is already over-extended on maintenance projects.

-the USACE did not follow NEPA & HEPA in which they were to engage the community in the planning process. They did not. How would you feel if one day, you get a letter in the mail and the USACE says they are taking away your home to build a detention basin? It happened to us. One day, it could happen to you.


are there better ways?

Absolutely. There are alternatives that are 

-less detrimental to the environment

-do not require a concrete wall around the Ala Wai Canal

-do not require digging up thousands of natural stream

-work with existing structures 

How do you know this?

My name is Dave Watase. I am one of the 18 property owners that will have a detention basin built on my land. I am a civil engineer and received my degree from Kansas State University. I got a letter in the mail from the USACE saying they needed entry to my property and had 2 weeks to respond. It took 15 minutes to download the large files that made up the Draft and Final EIS. It is thousands of pages long. I read everything and realized that this project is unjustified and provides  



We Are Against

  1. Destroying acres of natural land and stream

  2. Tax dollars being spent on a project that skirts the law

  3. The USACE ignoring public input & moving forward with plans

  4. The current proposed plan because it includes gross misrepresentation of claims which may involve fraud to avoid the expiration of the project deadlines and requirements

We are NOT against

  1. The need for flood protection

  2.  The need for Hawaii to garner federal funds

Together, we can stop current

plans and find a better solution

Learn how your taxes will be spent

Contact Our Government Officials​

Contact Government Officials

We kindly encourage you to email your elected federal, state, and county representatives about your concerns with the Ala Wai Canal Project.

It is important and does make a difference.