Stop the Ala Wai Canal Project

Submit Testimony

1. Prepare your written testimony.

Never wrote testimony before? No worries! Click here for some examples and helpful tips!

2. Organize a list of legislators and their contact info

3. Personally address each official my name in your written

4. Email or submit it online to a specific bill. 

Tips on writing your testimony.

1. Clearly state your opposition  

Pick 1 or 2 points that you strongly 

2. Make it personal

3. Clearly state 


It's extremely important and TRULY makes a difference.



1. Write your testimony.


Aim to write about 1 page.

Introduce yourself and clearly state your stance

Use 1 or 2 main points as to why you feel strongly about your stance. 

Use supporting evidence and personal experience as to why you feel this way.


Make it personal! Your experience and opinion is valuable. Communicate it to your representatives.


2. Save your testimony in letter format.




There are 2 important ways you should submit your testimony. 








3. Make a list of people and the emails you will send it to. 

4. Personally address each person in your testimony and email! 






Tips on how to write your testimony.

1. Keep it to 1 page long, 12pt font, 

2. Open by stating your name and clearly stating your stance on the topic of discussion. "I oppose ..." or "I support ..." 

3. Pick 2 or 3 main topics you'd like to support your stance and expand on why you feel this way.

For example: Here are a few prompts people would like to address in their testimony for the Ala Wai Canal Project




4. Lastly, close by thanking the legislator for their time and sign your name. 


Here is a sample testimony.